We have compiled a section of FAQs to help you. Click on any of the questions to reveal the answer.

Can you learn a song for our First dance?

Absolutely. It’s now fairly common practice for bands to accommodate you in this way for your wedding, and Spotlight are no exception. All we ask is that you give us a minimum of 4 weeks notice so that we can write the music and rehearse your song.

Q: How long do Spotlight perform for and do you provide music between sets?

As standard, Spotlight perform 2 x 1hour sets. Our set times vary in order to run as smoothly as possible with your event however most venues have a Midnight curfew. Typical set times are 8:30 – 9:30pm then 10:30 – 11:30pm with 30 mins of pre recorded party music up to Midnight. We can of course move these times about to suit your event, for example starting later and shortening the break between sets. It is also possible to have a late finish for an extra fee. Please mention this during your enquiry so we can discuss it with you.

During our break we provide background music for your guests, or alternatively, we’re more than happy to use a playlist from an iPod provided by the Bride/Groom.

Do you perform outside of Surrey?

Absolutely! We are available to hire as a wedding and party band in Surrey, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Bucks, Hertfordshire, Essex, London and all over the UK. Initially we found ourselves playing live music at weddings in Surrey as this is where we are based, however we found that guests who had seen us at friends weddings began to book us from areas across the UK. There may be additional charges for travel but this is something we can go over with you.

How much space does Spotlight require & how long does it take to set up?

For our 4 piece band and upwards, we require a stage space of 6×4 meters or more. It is ideal if this is a raised stage for the band and for you and your guests, however we can set up at ground level. If you are hiring our 3 piece acoustic wedding band, we can work in pretty much any space as it is a much more compact group, ideal for smaller spaces.

We start to arrive 2 hours before the time you need us to be set up and out of the way. We are usually set up and ready much quicker than this, however it is best to have a 2 hour window where possible. We will always work with you in terms of your event timing however. It’s important to let us know in advance if your venue has a restricted load in access or if there are timing issues, for example room turnaround.

Do you have your own lights?

Yes, we have an impressive mix of lasers and Stage lighting to illuminate the band and your dancefloor.

What deposit amount do Spotlight require?

We take a 20% Deposit with the remainder due on the night before the first set, or 7 working days before the event (to be cleared and in our account by the morning of the event).

Do we need to provided the band with anything on the night?

We ask for a secure changing room along with hot meals for each band member along with soft drinks. We work long hours often leaving home around 3pm and arriving back at 2am, so it is important we are able to eat to ensure a top performance. This is standard now for most party bands. We also request that 4 spaces are reserved for the band to park in.

Is a noise limiter at the venue a problem?

Noise limiters can disrupt our performance. Limiters are based upon decibels, which react to pitch rather than straightforward volume and can result in frequent and embarrassing cut outs in the music. It may not be possible to perform under the restrictions of the noise limiter and therefore it’s important that we know this well in advance. If you do decide to have live music for your wedding reception at a venue with a limiter, it may be that our acoustic wedding covers band would be an ideal group for this scenario.