10 Steps to Planning the Perfect Corporate Entertainment for Your Event

26 Aug 10 Steps to Planning the Perfect Corporate Entertainment for Your Event

Planning Corporate Entertainment for Your Event in 10 Easy Steps

The secret to any successful event is in the planning process, and approaching this with a spirit of enjoyment, while taking care to cover all your practical bases, is essential is in having a favourable outcome. While often a cause for celebration, planning corporate entertainment for your event can also be a somewhat stressful experience. So we’ve put together these handy tips  all in once place, to help make your event go as smoothly as possible and make sure your day is an enjoyable one.

One of the joys of event planning is that you get to express our own creativity and imagination and watch that unfold on the day and, while some events may lend themselves more to the creative process than others, there are common elements to planning corporate events which are worth noting.

From summer balls to awards ceremonies, corporate functions to Christmas parties, learn how to plan the perfect corporate entertainment for your event with this short 10 step guide from the Spotlight Band.


1) Choosing the Venue


This can be the very building you work in or a completely different building altogether, depending on whether a change of pace or scene is required. Honestly, this is probably the single most important factor to getting it right, as the wrong venue will not only limit you in terms of space and comfort but also the facilities and services it can support, so before you fall in love with the historic cinema setting or luxury hotel to die for, it’s as well to make sure they can accommodate your wishes.

Booking early is always advised but do have the conversation with them first, checking off items that you require for the event to see if they can oblige. If you really have your heart set on a specific venue or it simply can’t be changed, the same applies to the other items on your list. You may have to forego that acrobatic circus act everyone is talking about in favour of more intimate surroundings.

The core message here is that communication is key when dealing with a venue. Let them know your requirements well in advance and they may even surprise you as to how helpful they can be. Many venues have seen very similar events throughout the years and can even offer favourable advice on what will work best for you. Don’t be afraid to listen to recommendations which may make things smother in the long run.

Cost and capacity are other concerns you will need to look into, so be sure to book well in advance and you may even be able to secure preferential rates by choosing favourable rates.


2) Decor & Style


The immediate surroundings can be embellished in a multitude of ways, literally bringing your dreams to life. Venues can be transformed to reflect the scene you wish to play out, so once you’ve chosen the right one, it’s time to turn your attention to making things look pretty, or grungy or award like, whatever goal you have in mind.

Whether you’re setting a theme for the day or simply want everything to look comfortable and clean, attention to detail can make the world of change. From lavish luxury boutique interiors to Moroccan themed tents and marquees, it’s often the case that you’ll want to make the surroundings reflect the theme of the event.

Choosing a theme may not be to everyone’s taste but it can go a great way to giving a focus to the event. Perhaps the focus should be in the attendees themselves or guest speakers, and this in turn can give rise to a style that makes people feel right at home.

One thing we will say, is try to avoid overlooking this aspect of the event as unless the venue itself is particularly well styled, it can lead to a rather flat atmosphere among the guests.

Pinterest can be a huge source of inspiration for theming your event and with seemingly endless ideas to choose from you’ll be spoiled for choice. We woudl also recommend tying together as many aspects of the event planning together as possible. for instance, the catering company may have table decorations or the local florist may also be able to provide breathtaking displays, cutting the cost of using multiple independent businesses to achieve the same result.

Consistency in style is key and colours, costumes, music and setting all play a part.


3) Choosing Your Entertainment
 live band hire new year's eve

OK, so we may be ever so slightly biased in this respect, as we absolutely adore providing corporate entertainment and as our bands for corporate events page will attest. We’ve also had some great moments and made some fantastic friends along the way. We believe the personal touch that live music can brings, sets the perfect stage for the day. Plus, you’re not limited to sound concerns such as with static sets like you might be with other styles of entertainment. That said, it’s your event and there’s always good reason to choose the act that’s right for your event, so don’t let us dissuade you if you’re heart is set on a street magician or party entertainer for your day.

One note on this, it is feasible to do both. There’s no reason to limit yourself to only one act on the day and variety is often the spice of life, so long as it fits within your budget. Dancers, crowd entertainers, bands and performers of all kinds can be brought in to help make transitions or provide fun and laughter for your guests. 

As for choosing an act, make sure they can accommodate your wishes and are able to perform at the chosen venue. Agree a price beforehand and make sure their role is crystal clear in the proceedings. An experienced entertainer will help you to plan your day and can even offer suggestions which you may not have though of yourself, so don’t be afraid to discuss the schedule with them in detail. Transparency and openness on both parties is the key to a successful day.


4) Costs & Expenses


No one like unwelcome surprises and you’ll probably want to make sure everything is paid for up front, or at least agreed upon before the day.

Depending on your budget, you may want to charge the attendees a fee for the day or try to offset costs in some other area, such as coach travel and cuisine, to keep things from escalating.

Smaller gatherings will obviously afford less expense per head, but the photos and publicity from the event are still something you may want to think about, so going bare bones may not be the best thing if you want to bestow the crowning glory on your corporate achievement.

Try to think before, during and after and break the event down into manageable stages, with a budget for each. When all’s said and done, you may want to keep something in reserve, so unforeseen circumstances don’t upset the day.


5) Live Band vs DJ



People love discos and they love to dance and they love to have fun but sometimes this is best kept till after the important business is over.

It’s also worth mentioning that when considering intro music for awards ceremonies, interval, breaks and the like, nothing quite gets the atmosphere and blood pumping as much as a live band. The build-ups and crescendos, combined with the fact that a live band is participating in the atmosphere of the event with you, can make all the difference in so far as timing and subtlety is concerned.

This is so much a matter of taste and dependent on the event itself but we think having a live element can add a panache and flair that would otherwise be lacking. Not to mention, most experienced performers are a dab hand with a PA system, taking the strain away from the event organisers to manage this and other tasks.


6) Enlist the Professionals




Professional sound and photography hire may be something that you want to include on your list. This allows for high quality recordings of your event or to capture the perfect moment, which can later be used in photos and videos to share with a new audience. It can also serve as a keepsake for those who attended and be offered as an after event package or download to attendees.

Professional actors can also add a touch of class to the event, from bar staff dressed in themed costumes to circus performer and fire breathers for that extra level of theatrical engagement.

More than just fun for your guests, theatre can be used as a distraction, allowing you to set the stage behind the scenes and makes for some memorable moments with the attendees. Transitions of these sorts can take on a life of their own, being almost a sub plot of happenings as a counterbalance to the main event.

The sky is the limit with with professional talent, but beware as costs can add up fast.However , a dance troupe or harp player can add je ne sais quoi to any event, making it stand out as unique to everyone involved.

7) Consider the Guests


The brand image of a company is essential to uphold but it’s equally important to consider the guests who will attend. You’ll want everyone to enjoy themselves and have a grand time, perhaps talking about your event for weeks or months after.

Comfort and style is essential, so maybe consider taking a ballot vote for your themed shortlist or at least keeping an ear out on the restroom gossip for what the buzz is around the event itself.

Of course, certain events lend themselves to particular patterns and some things may not be appropriate for the clientele. That said, adding your own twist based on what may enthral those present can only lead to a more successful event in the long run.


8) Invites


This next tip is a simple thing to do, however, easy to overlook but in our opinion can make all the difference to the anticipation of the event itself. Invites may be the first thing to go out but one of the last to be designed. You’ll want them to create the feel of the event itself and intrigue your gusts with hints at what is to come.

Send invites out early and consider how you would like to send them. Mail is still the preferred way for many to receive party invites and won’t get lost as easy as a message which pops up on your screen. Plus, there’s the added benefit of having the reminder on your desk, which build anticipation for the event and makes sure others do their part to plan ahead.


9) Guest Participation


Interactive entertainment is something which is becoming more popular in recent years and which many people love. Rather than being a bystander of the event, a mere observer, the attendees have involvement and engagement in a way that cements in their minds that they were there. It also helps them keep active in the proceedings and have heaps more fun in the process.

Perhpas have guests participate in the more theatrical aspects of the event. You can provide secret quests,  casino tables or lavish chill out areas, photo booths, circus rides or interactive games to make them feel they are part of the scene, not simply bystanders of the event itself.

This runs deeper than merely ticking an item on a box or raising a question here and there, it gives the attendees a purpose and makes them feel special.



10) Enjoy the Event!

Organising corporate entertainment for your event should be a fairly structured process but when it’s time for the event itself, you’ll want everyone to have a great time, which means you can enjoy it too. Once you have taken all the steps to make sure everything fits into place, maybe even designate a second person for any minor hiccups to add that extra buffer so that everything runs like clockwork.

We think you should experience all that the event has to offer just as much as the guests do, which of course, you have every right to do!

Have any more tips for planning a corporate event? Share them in the comments below! Want help planning your day? Get in touch.

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